Client testimonials

"I no longer have to worry when bills come in because there’s money set aside to pay them. The best thing is that now I even have some savings."

How it works

Here’s how Clever Me works for your organisation and your employees.

  1. The first step is to go through a simple, confidential questionnaire with each of your employees. The questions are designed to provide a general picture of their ‘financial health’.
  2. Once we have assessed the results of the questionnaire, we provide you with a general report on the overall financial health of your employees, along with our recommendations.
    Note: We don't provide specific financial information about individual employees. This is kept confidential. 
  3. This report will provide a benchmark for future reports, and enable you to gauge the success of Clever Me in working with members of your team.
  4. The identified employees will be contacted by a Clever Me Coach from NZCU South to see if they would like to join the Clever Me programme free of charge.
  5. When an employee joins the NZCU South programme, the Clever Me Coach will place them into one of our two programmes:

    Get Ahead – our entry level that focuses on providing structure and support for relieving financial stress, or

    Get Rewards – our more robust programme where the employee works with a one-on-one Coach to ensure they are meeting their financial objectives and have some aspirational goals they are working towards.
  6. Once these plans are in place, our Clever Me Coaches maintain regular monthly contact with employees, checking their progress and helping them through any challenges.

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Clever Me is a programme delivered by Credit Union South (T/A NZCU South). NZCU South is a Registered Financial Services Provider and belongs to the Banking Ombudsman dispute resolution scheme. NZCU South is regulated under the Financial Markets Authority.